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Spencer Perkins

Licensed Irrigator LI0023858 & NDS Certified Preferred Drainage Contractor.

Spencer is skilled in engineering, especially when it relates to outdoor electronics or water systems. He is most “in his element” when he gets to take exceptional care of his client’s outdoor properties. He especially enjoys the challenge of troubleshooting electrical and hydraulic sprinkler issues and takes great pride in helping achieve and maintain beautiful landscapes. Spencer is proud of the hands-on leadership, professionalism, and customer service-oriented culture of StreamLine Designs. He is also happy to offer comprehensive landscaping and outdoor services that allow StreamLine Designs to be a simple solution for commercial and residential landscaping needs. 

Spencer is originally from Tennessee, attended Mississippi State University, and has lived in the Dallas area for several years. He first started in the landscaping business mowing lawns when he was a teenager and even saved up enough money from his landscaping services to purchase his first truck. 

Spencer Perkins - Owner of Streamline Landscape
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