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Best outdoor foliage plants to grow

Having a wonderful, stunning, thriving, and vibrant outdoor garden can really change your home and your outlook on life.
outdoor foliage plants, landscaping ideas

Having a wonderful, stunning, thriving, and vibrant outdoor garden can really change your home and your outlook on life. If you get to walk outside and take a look at all the beautiful and wonderful plants you have chosen, you get to be in touch with nature and also feel the immediate peace and calm that it can bring you.

But if you really want to enjoy all these feelings, you have to select only the right foliage plants for your yard. If you make the wrong choices then you will quite simply have a mess and nothing else.

When you are planning your backyard and how you want it to look and feel, make sure to look at these plants to achieve the best, most beautiful, and most resilient and strong foliage in your neighborhood.

When you are looking for the right plants for you, consider things such as color, patterns, the shape of leaves, and the texture of plants too. All of this will come into play and will help you make the right choices for your home and your yard.


Europeans have long loved Boxwood plants as a form of design and living sculptures and hedgings. The tiny leaves on these plants are easy to prune and gorgeous to look at. The ability to trim them easily and adjust the look of the plant makes them ideal for landscaping purposes.

They are also dense, thick, and great for providing privacy in your backyard so pesky neighbor eyes won’t be able to peek into your yard without your knowledge.


These large, banana-like leaves come with strong, brilliant color patterns and bring a nice, exotic feel to your yard and home. They also will give your yard a lot of beautiful flowers in the summer, which means Canna is really like two plants in one. They are easy to grow and will thrive in both the fall and the summer, although you’ll have to look after them in the wintertime.

Dusty Miller

This is a plant that will definitely catch the eye of anyone who visits your yard.

Dusty Miller plants are known for their velvety silver leaves and their soft, lacy texture. They actually come in multiple colors and each hue is strong, vibrant, and at times eye-popping.

Don’t be surprised when visitors ask you where you got this plant because they really do turn heads and catch attention.

Elephant Ear

Not all plants in your backyard should look exotic or super bright. Some of them should just serve a purpose and hold the yard together. That is what an Elephant Ear will do.

They are sometimes very big, almost two feet across. Yes, they resemble elephant ears too, hence the name.

They can be stored both indoors and outdoors and look succulent and gorgeous all year round but especially in the spring. They are perfect for just about any plant bed and will thrive in every season, although attention must be paid to them during the cold winter months.


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