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Grass Alternatives for Landscaping

There was a time when a bright green grass lawn was the only way to decorate your home’s front and back yard.
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There was a time when a bright green grass lawn was the only way to decorate your home’s front and back yard.

But times have changed and we now live in a world where the grass isn’t the only way to claim your property, invite in friends and family, and create an atmosphere of homely and comfortable fun and relaxation.

Why doesn’t everyone use grass anymore? There are multiple reasons why the grass isn’t as popular as it once was. For starters, some environments and weather systems don’t really lend themselves to grass and make it harder to grow.

Additionally, some people don’t like the look of grass and feel that it’s an old-fashioned aspect of home ownership that isn’t as attractive as it once was.

Others also are trying to be environmentally friendly and don’t want to waste the water it takes to keep grass bright and green. For these reasons – and others – the grass is now not the only way people decorate their homes.

Lily Turf

Lily Turf is a perennial that is commonly used as a landscaping plant by millions. It is known for its bright green color, little purple or wide flower spikes that bloom in the summer, and its ability to spread and cover a lot of ground at one time.

Lily Turf is generally 1 to 4 inches tall and 1 to 2 feet wide.


Everyone is quite familiar with moss and usually quite comfortable with it too. Moss is a great grass alternative because of how easy it is to grow and how quickly it can spread all over a yard.

It will create a soft and lush carpeting feeling in your yard and will also make a shady area for you and your family and friends. Moss does need a lot of work and maintenance, especially at the beginning. But over time as more plants come in, moss will begin to live on its own and thrive.

Sweet Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff is known for its fragrant and sweet little white flowers that burst to life in the spring and its star-shaped foliage too.

Sweet Woodruff is easy on the eyes and easy on homeowners too, as it will bloom up to 6 to 12 inches tall, and 12 to 18 inches wide, and will not need a lot of water to come to life.

Not only does Sweet Woodruff smell great, but it’s also soft and can provide a lot of shade for people in your yard too.

What To Consider

When you are finding the right grass alternative for your yard, you should keep in mind the amount of effort you want to put into your yard and also how you want your yard to look.

It will take some planning and perhaps some trial and error but creating a yard that looks and feels like home without grass is completely possible. In fact, there are millions of people who are moving away from grass and choosing something else when they are constructing a yard of peace and calm for themselves.


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