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Why is My Grass Coming Up in Clumps?

If you’ve dedicated a lot of time and resources into making your lawn look amazing, it can be incredibly disturbing when the grass starts coming up in clumps.
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If you’ve dedicated a lot of time and resources into making your lawn look amazing, it can be incredibly disturbing when the grass starts coming up in clumps. Clearly, something isn’t right if you are experiencing this issue.

There are several things here to consider and it’s good to be worried.

Check out this guide to troubleshoot what could be the problem and learn some solutions for handling this issue when it happens.

What is the Cause?

Grass that looks unhealthy or is simply pulling up in clumps most likely is experiencing an issue. This could be a sign that something is affecting the health of your grass.

Take a look at these possible causes. We can help you identify the cause and come up with a solution.


Lawn grubs are nasty little buggers and one of the most common issues if you notice grass coming up in clumps. The grubs work their way into the dirt and the roots, causing your grass to become loose, for lack of better words.

Grubs like to feast on grass roots. Of course, if the roots of your grass are being eaten, it doesn’t have a solid foundation to hold it in the ground.

Moles are a nuisance but if you notice moles in the lawn, you might want to check for grubs as they often are found where grubs are present.

Lawn Disease

Lawns are prone to disease. Sometimes no matter how careful you are, the lawn is susceptible. One of the most common diseases for lawns is fungal. This can be more challenging to pinpoint.

Signs might include dying or dead grass as well as clumps of grass coming up. Lawn disease can be present with turf as well. If you suspect lawn disease or simply don’t know what the cause is, we recommend having your lawn inspected by a professional and then treated properly.

Too Much Water

Grass can get too much water. If it is oversaturated, it causes a drowning effect with the grass. Drowning the grass can kill it and could likely cause clumps of grass to come up. You think you’re simply caring for the lawn but too much water is no good.


Finally, the health of your soil also makes a difference. The problem might not be your grass at all but rather the soil the grass is in. Grass relies on the soil for the appropriate nutrients to survive. If the soil cannot provide that, the grass will not thrive.

This is where fertilization and other types of soil care can be beneficial.

Finding a Solution with StreamLine Designs

In most cases, there are treatment options for a lawn that is coming up in clumps. Our skilled technicians can inspect the area and pinpoint the cause of your problems. We can provide the appropriate solution to get your grass and your lawn healthy again.

The solution might be different depending on the underlying issue. The good news is that each of these potential causes we listed have solutions that we can help with.


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