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Landscaping for Privacy

You want your backyard to be a safe place for you and your friends and your family no matter what you're doing.
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You want your backyard to be a safe place for you and your friends and your family no matter what you’re doing. If you are throwing a party, having a dinner night, celebrating an anniversary, or just lounging under the stars, you want your yard to feel like a safe haven, an oasis from the rest of the world.

But if you don’t have privacy in your yard then it won’t feel safe but will actually feel like an uncomfortable place that isn’t entirely yours.

Living next to neighbors can be great for a lot of reasons but the lack of privacy that you have with them can be troublesome, annoying, and sometimes uncomfortable and creepy. But there are ways to turn your yard into a private space through the use of clever, unique, smart landscaping.


Building hardscape barriers is a great way to give yourself a division between you and your neighbors. What is a hardscape? It is simply a type of privacy barrier that isn’t naturally made.

For example, the best uses of hardscapes are walls, fences, garden structures, gates, umbrellas, and more.

If you are really smart, you will use a variety of these. Perhaps a fence to divide your yard from your neighbor’s, as well as a canopy or umbrella over your picnic table in the backyard.

Garden structures are one of the best ways to gain privacy but they are sometimes harder to maintain. They are typically made with a trellis, arbor, or a privacy roof but they can be time-consuming and expensive too.

Living Barriers

If you want to enjoy your backyard, you will definitely want a plethora of plants. Thankfully, these plants can also provide you with privacy as well as wonderful things to look at.

If you plant trees in the right way, you can create a strong, solid fence of trees that will prohibit eyes from peeking in. Plus, it will also just look great too.

Shrubs are another option that many people use. These shrubs will be able to completely block out neighbors and their prying eyes but have to be trimmed often.

Vines are a gorgeous way to give yourself privacy. If you plant them next to a fence, even a chain link one or one that is porous, the vines will soon take hold and start to grow. While this is a great way to give yourself a lot of backyard privacy, it will take time to get up and running so you need patience when you are choosing this form of privacy.

There are multiple ways for you to give yourself the sort of privacy you want in your backyard, both through store-bought choices or natural alternatives like plants and trees.

You should plan ahead and decide upon the sort of solution that feels right for you. With the right choice, you will be able to have a privacy fence that looks great, gives you security and safety, and is easy on the eyes too.


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